Epee Footwork

Epee Footwork Part 1 – Introduction

Intruductions for Seth Baldwin and Cody Mattern, lesson plan overview

Epee Footwork Part 2 – The Check Back

How to execute a check-back, and why you would want to.

Epee Footwork Part 3 – “The Drill”

Demonstration of “The Drill” which is basically a fencing bout with only lunges to the shoulder allowed from either competitor. Defence is executed soley by footwork, no parries or bladework of any kind, no couter-attacks to short target.

Epee Footwork Part 4 – “The Drill+” aka “Retreat or Duck”

In this variation, competitors can lunge or fleche to the shoulder without bladework. If one person lunges, the other must pull distance and riposte without parrying or countering to short target. If someone fleches, duck!

Epee Footwork Part 5 – The Half-Step Preparation

Description of the half step and the three decision points within it based on assessing distance.

Epee Footwork Part 6 – Three Actions from the Half-Step

Execution of the three decision points during the half-step:
1) Check-back, retreat, riposte
2) Half-step fleche
3) Advance-lunge to short target (hand, knee or foot)

Epee Footwork Part 7 – the Three Counter-Attacks

Counter-attack #1 – Hit the arm and run away
Counter-attack #2 – Run away first (double retreat) then hit the shoulder
Counter-attack #3 – Hit and collapse distance by lunging or fleching to the shoulder on the opponent’s preparatory action. Wait for them to commit to a compound attack or you may get counter-timed and they will parry-riposte.

Epee Footwork Part 8 – Counter-Attack Number 2 in Depth

Demonstration of correct technique for successfully scoring on counter-attacker number 2, double-retreat and riposte.