William Michael Flynn Sanders

William Michael Flynn Sanders



• CAVALIERE GRANDE DE SAN MICHELE , Grand Knight of Saint Michele. The highest
grade and only one given by the Grand master of the Sicilian family style of
Knife dueling by the Grand master Don Vito Quattrocchi

• Produced numerous DVDs on the art of San Michele ( See http://www.cimande.com )

• Author of the book Benedicaria’s Angelic Connection to the
Sicilian-Italian knife fighting art of San Michele with the seven
Archangels. Published by Lulu press.

Other Martial arts :

• Pencak Silat, empty hands , blades and sticks, 44 years , Grand Master in

• Irish stick , 9 years , Master teacher of An Maide Mear Ire style (The
swift stick of Ireland )

• Cossack Whip , 12 years ,Teacher

• Author of numerous books on Se Asian Martial arts and weapons and magazine


• Baptized Orthodox Christian as Michael in the Russian Orthodox Church and active parachiner in the Orthodox Christian Church of America.

• Three times Hall of fame recipient for martial arts , 2003 Combat
martial arts hall of Fame in England ) 2008 USA martial arts Hall of Fame ,
2015 World Pugilist Martial arts Hall of fame.

• PH.D./MA.D.SC from the University of Asian Martial arts for a thesis and
book on THE REAL PENCAK SILAT OF MAS JUD , a rare family system.

• Was a special agent in their Counter Terrorism agency with the Rank of
Colonel with the USA fencing association for protection against attacks here
and abroad. And my martial art was taught to the contestants for self